Stronghold welcomes Chris ‘Mole’ Smith to the team

As an introduction of Mole to the team I thought we’d do some questions and answers, not that Mole wasn’t considered part of the stronghold crew from the very start but I suppose we had to make it official.

Name, Age, where do you reside?
Christopher Smith AKA Mole! ha
Born in Kent but originally from Newark, Nottinghamshire. Reside in Leeds.

Top 3 favourite tricks to do?
Barspins, truckdrivers and no foot can can or whips?

Top 3 places to ride?
Texas, any good outdoor wooden park, the old mellow park.

If you had a time machine where would you go and what would you do?
Good question! well I would definitely go back to the 80`s when BMX was getting big and the music was loads better and films were more weird ha! cant beat the 80`s classics e.g
[ RUNNING MAN] back then no one gave a shit who you are as long as you were sending it and riding BMX you were accepted in this big family that is BMX! And plus it would of been sick to star in the film rad haha!

Favourite country visited and why?
It would have to be Texas, because of the weather the spots and how sound the people are over there, its just a really good scene and would love to back there one day! Go if you ever get chance!

Dream destinations?
I know I put mellow park as one of my favorites but I have never riden there ha, but I think that place would of been my dream destinations it had awesome trails right next to the sick park and plus it had a bar at the park too, what more could you ask for?
Australia is also a place i would love to go, everything looks amazing over there!

Favourite band?
Its a tough one coz I do like all sorts of music but it would have to be between devo or arcade fire! any rock/metal/80`s I’m happy haha.

Pros and cons of living in Leeds?
Pros- I have a really good and strong friendship with all the lads here that ride and its good to have Joe bailey around for photos for as and when. Cheers ding! Get time off work to go on trips. Good outdoor park and street on my door step.

Cons- Miss having a proper jump box, my working hours are unsociable which is gay for riding, paying bills all the time, same anywhere though I suppose, indoor parks pretty shit. Driving about to parks in cars ha. More parks have opened up or got better back home.

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